GPS Coordinates to Lagoon Waterfront

This property is really only assessible by boat, although every one keeps telling me there is seasonal road available.  The easiest way to get to the property is to fly into Savannah Belize using Tropical Air and then drive out to Monkey River Town.  From Monkey River Town, it is about a 30 minute boat ride to the lagoon property.


If you are interested in making the trip, I can tell you who to contact to get there.  Just call or email me. or 281-684-3168. 

 Here are the GPS coordinates to the property:

The NE corner of my property is

16 degrees 19.5 minutes North and 88 degrees 36.6 minutes West.

There is a concrete post at this corner in the water at this point.


Additionally, Paynes' Creek National Park's offices/buildings are due east from the middle of our coastline.  Paynes Creek National Park's offices are literally across the lagoon from my property, it  should be easy for anyone that knows the area to find it.

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