Maps, Surveys, and Other Documents

Buying in Belize

The Government of Belize has recently reduced the stamp duty tax on real estate title transfers. The new rate is 0% up to US$10,000 in purchase price and 5% for any amount above US$10,000.

There is also a $30 title registration fee. Title search and attorney fees are optional and at the buyer's discretion.

Belize has reputable attorneys available to assist the buyer with all types of property purchases.

Scroll down the page to see the following documents:

1.  Survey Drawing with Coordinates


2.  Aerial Map at 24.09 KM


3.  Click here to review Deed of Conveyance letter to me, Lola Scarborough, from the attorney


4.  Click here to review Survey  of the lagoon


5.  Click here for Plan of Subdivision

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