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60 acres of pristine forest land, divided into 6 10-acre tracts, front the edge a beautiful emerald lagoon.


Situated in the heart of the Payne Creek's Nature Preserve, this property has a superabundance of fish, birds and other indigenous wildlife. These factors make the property ideally suited for nature lovers, sport fishermen, and sailing enthusiasts. Its proximity to the sea and coral reefs makes it great base for scuba divers. The property is comprised of 6
10-acre parcels of land. Its strategic location makes the lagoon a natural haven for yachts, sailing sloops, catamarans and other pleasure crafts. The natural beauty, serenity, size and strategic location of the property make it a great choice for : quiet family retreat, tourist resort or residential and/or recreational subdivision.  


The area is one of the very best areas for fishing in the entire country of Belize.  That's not hype; it is the truth.  Also, because of the location of the property, it is the very best place to be if there is a storm.  People pull their boats into the lagoon for safekeeping when storms come up.
Hunting is allowed on the 60 acres because it's privately owned. There is an abundance of wildlife on the property due to it being located in the midst of a Protected Area. The surrounding area is protected from poachers by full time rangers. Also, it should be noted the vacant adjacent owned by the Government can't be sold.


 Owner is a US citizen and owns the property free and clear with good title.  Owner purchased the property January 2007.


Asking price is $300,000 USD for entire 60 acres!  Owner will split the property into 2 of 3 parcels each (parcels 1-3 OR 4-6) for $150,000 USD. 

CONTACT INFORMATION:  This property is currently listed with 'PatrickSnyder at CPC Real Estate Solutions Ltd.'   You may reach him at patricksnyder@belizeproperty.com, or contact me, the owner, at goldenone1959@yahoo.com

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